Born in 1952 in Mitterteich/North East Bavaria/Germany.

Very early he attended to painting, photography, instrumental music, improvisation and composition. Organist of the English and Dutch rock group Odin. 1972 recording of the long-playing record Odin at Phonogram, Hamburg.

1971 beginning of studies at the State University of Music in Würzburg (composition, percussion instruments, piano). State examination and master class degree.

Subsequent to numerous prizes and awards at national and international music competitions he receives various invitations to concerts at home and abroad. At the beginning of the eighties he is assigned the teaching position for percussion instruments and percussive chamber music at the Frankfurt Conservatory.

Among others, he gives concerts under the direction of Michael Gielen, Eliahu Inbal, Karl-Anton Rickenbacher, Peter Eötvös and Pierre Boulez. Conversations and cooperation with Helmut Lachenmann and Olivier Messiaen.

1982 Scholarship of the Bavarian Ministry of Culture at the Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris. Encounter and friendship with the photographer Thomas Ruff.

1983 longer study visit in New York. Concerts on the 100th anniversary of the Brooklyn Bridge. Collaboration with Hugh Levick’s “Imago Ensemble” and Elliot Sharp. He draws animal studies in the Bronx Zoo. Conversations with the painter Susan Rothenberg and the composer Steve Reich. Friendship with the author and painter Russell Epprecht. He is preparing his sculptures in numerous New York sketchbooks, which he implements as of 1984 with different materials. Since 1985 iron is the central material of his sculptural work. Since 1986, following the encounter with the Berlin gallery owner Folker Skulima there have been numerous exhibitions at home and abroad. 1986 Bavarian State Award for Music and Fine Arts.


With the beginning of the 1990s he creates large-sized sculptures. Assignments for arts in the public domain, stage settings as well as works for musical theater and radio plays. At the same time large-size color woodcuts and comprehensive photographic cycles are being developed. Publication of his own texts in different magazines and anthologies. Realization of several commissioned works, for the “International Music Festival” in Istanbul, the “Tage der Neuen Musik” in Hannover, the “Max-Reger-Tage” in Weiden, Südwestfunk Baden-Baden, Radio Bremen, the “Internationale Orgelwoche” in Den Haag, the Biannual Music Festival in Munich, the “Münchner Orgelreihe” with debut performances of contemporary music in the Liebfrauendom Munich, the “Tage der Neuen Musik” in Stuttgart, the “International Percussion Days” in Moskau, among others.


For 25 years he has been taking pictures based on the concept of a continuous study of the sphere of life and perception. From his photographic work that has a rather serial nature he has hitherto presented the cycles Gommelbergkrater, Unterwasserblätter (Underwater Leaves), Zwischen Jahren und Zeiten (Between Times and Years), Et exspecto, Von Bäumen (On Trees), Vom Wasser (On Water).

With his longtime engagement in diverse artistic expression Jeff Beer has created a remarkable connective potential that accretively shapes his work. Jeff Beer lives and works as freelance artist in Gumpen/North East Bavaria/Germany.